Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Setlist :: 1-31-10

Sunday was a long and rewarding day. By the time I got home, I was dog tired. Today I'm dog tired. But it's the tired that you feel good about. The kind you feel after a hard day's work.

Now for the review of yesterday [morning and evening services].

Sunday we picked back up with our Book of Mark series, Jesus We Want What You Want. In November we left off at the end of Mark 13, so Jeremy and Jennifer and friends made a recap video that was absolutely ridiculous - in the good sense. Check it out.

Neil's message from Mark 14:1-11 was about worship -- Worship Jesus Wants. It was a great promo for our worship night, which was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday night.

I led worship in the 2nd and 3rd services.

2nd-3rd service team: Aaron on drums, Brady on bass, Mitch on electric guitar, Seth on piano, Linda on keys, Jeremy on loops, Danielle and Julie P. on vox, and Travis on acoustic guitar and vox. TECH: Rocky - Lights and production, Marcelo - audio, Pheba - graphics, Mike - stage manager.

Morning Setlist (song titles link to iTunes - artist, not the songwriter, is listed):
  • Hosanna - Paul Baloche [G] - Thanks again Paul Baloche for writing some easily accessible upbeat songs! This is a good call to worship. Praise is rising/eyes are turning to You/we turn to You.
  • Mighty to Save/The Stand - Northwest Worship Live [A] - We did the version we recorded a year and a half ago, and I think it's still a congregational favorite. If I knew the term at the time, I might have called this the "Mighty To Save Mash-Up"
  • Take My Life - Chris Tomlin [D] - This is a great re-work of a hymn. I especially like the way Tomlin used all 6 verses of the hymn by combining them into 3 double length verses with an alternate melody. All the words are good. I sometimes wonder about the refrain - Here am I/All of me/Take my life/It's all for Thee. I like it, but I wonder if it grates on the people who struggle connecting with worship that's overly repetitive.
  • Offering Song: Beautiful - Kari Jobe [D] - Julie P. led this (with the scripture reading in middle by Aaron and Rita). She got applause in both services. People at our church are funny about applause - so they obviously liked it a lot. Go Jules!
  • Response Songs: How He Loves - David Crowder [Bb] - After much anticipation we finally introduced this song. I went with the Crowder arrangement and used "unforseen kiss." I loved singing it. I admit I closed my eyes most of the time, but I *think* it went well. Anyone there with a comment? Jesus Paid It All - Kristian Stanfill [Bb] - We only had time for this 3rd service, but we went right of How He Loves into O Praise the One who paid my debt/And raised this life up from the dead. Good moment.
Sunday night team: Aaron on drums, Brady on bass, Mitch on electric guitar, Seth on piano, Cris on B3 & keys, Jeremy on loops, Danielle and Bren on vox, Travis on acoustic guitar and vox, and our Vocal Team: Lisandro, Dave, Jonny, Julie P, Julie B, Ann, Kelley and April. TECH: Rocky - Lights and production, Justin- audio, Sarah - graphics, Trent - stage manager.

Evening Setlist (song titles link to iTunes - artist, not the songwriter, is listed):
  • Come Thou Fount [D-E]
  • Glory To God Forever - Fee [Bb] - After signing this all month, people jumped in and owned it!
  • Blessed Be Your Name -Matt Redman [Bb] - But just in case we went to this old standby to connect with as many people as possible.
  • Hosanna -Hillsong United [D] - Bren led this. Powerful song. Great for a night of worship and prayer.
  • How Deep the Father's Love For Us -Sarah Sadler [D] - Bren led this as well. For time's sake, I almost cut this. But from what I could tell, people really sang out on it. I'm glad I left it in the set.
  • Message
  • How He Loves -David Crowder [Bb] - This was one of our "moments" of the night. Wow.
  • Breathe -Kathryn Scott [Bb] - Another oldie but goody - this was another "moment" for me.
  • Prayer Time
  • Revelation Song - Gateway Worship [E] - This was our official closing song and it was powerful. After the song I dismissed everyone and said, "Your dismissed but we're going to play one more song if you want to stick around." People did.
  • Song of Hope -Robbie Seay Band [B] - We cut loose on this one. I put the guitar down to do my best pogo stick impression ... and I wasn't the only one!
Read set lists from other churches at

Read Pastor Neil Tomba's blog.

Were you at any of the services? I would love to hear your comments or questions. What songs did you like and why? What songs do you not like and why? What songs would you like to sing this month/year?


  1. Travis, I can see why you're tired! I had not heard Song of Hope before - listened to it on iTunes, I really like it.

    Oh, I like the video recap of Mark also - very insightful, especially liked seeing the Pharsisees as they really are!