Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Setlist :: 1-24-10

I really enjoyed leading worship today. This was one of those days where we had the time for a longer main set. It was a good time.

We heard a great message today from church member/missionary/Bible translator David Bendor-Samuel. It was called A God-Given Ambition, and should be posted here by Monday afternoon.

I led worship in the 2nd and 3rd services yesterday.

2nd-3rd service team: Aaron on drums, Brady on bass, Mitch on electric guitar, Seth on keys, Linda on piano, Philip on acoustic guitar and vox, Jeremy on loops, Marcy and Bren and vox, Travis on acoustic guitar and vox, and our vocal team - Danielle, Julie B., April, Ann, Jonny & Lisandro.

Acoustic Band:
Aaron on snare, Martin on upright, Philip on acoustic, Mitch on high strung acoustic, & Brady on dobro.

Setlist (song titles link to iTunes):
  • Glory To God Forever - Fee [Bb] - 4 weeks in a row for this song. I've never done that before, but people seemed to really catch on with the song more each week. If you were there, what do you think? Are you getting tired of this song? Or did the repetition help?
  • All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises - Lincoln Brewster version [G] - Great song. Great declaration.
  • Lead Me To The Cross - Hillsong United [D] - Bren led this one, and it was a great moment.
  • Come Thou Fount - Robert Robinson [D-E]
  • Revelation Song - Gateway Worship [E] - Love this song! It takes me to another place.
  • Offering Song - Knowing You - our own acoustic/country version [A] - Bren and Marcy did this one with the acoustic band. It was awesome!
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Were you at the service? I would love to hear your comments or questions. What songs did you like and why? What songs do you not like and why? What songs would you like to sing this month/year?

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  1. Hey Travis,
    I really liked doing Glory to God this month. It helps to give people time to learn it. I don't think it's been overdone, but I wouldn't want it to last that way for too long, ya know? Worship was a blessing on Sunday, as always! Even though I'm a "youngin," I love it when you guys play hymns like Come Thou Fount and others. Thanks so much for all you do. Praying for you this week that God will guide you as you prepare for next week's worship!