Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Setlist :: 1-17-10

Sunday was one of those funny days where we clearly had a spike in 2nd service folks. I'm sure it had nothing to do with a noon Cowboy game! ;-)

Neil concluded with part 3 of Read. Listen. Respond. Join us as we read through the New Testament this year. The readings will be posted on the blog, and you can sign up there to get a daily email.

I led worship in the 2nd and 3rd services yesterday.

2nd-3rd service team: Aaron on drums, Brady on bass, Mitch on electric guitar, Cris on B3 and keys, Seth on piano, Philip on acoustic guitar and vox, Jeremy on loops, April and Bren and vox, Travis on acoustic guitar and vox, and our vocal team - Danielle, Julie B., Marcy, Lea, Kelley & Lisandro.

Setlist (song titles link to iTunes):
  • Glory to God Forever - Fee [Bb] - We kicked the service off with this song for the 3rd week in a row. I think it's catching on!
  • Hosanna - Hillsong United [D] - Bren led this one for us. I love to see the worshippers fully engaged when we get to the bridge - Heal my heart and make it clean/Open up my eyes to the things unseen/Show me how to love like You have loved me.
  • Word of God Speak - Mercy Me [Bb] - We wove several scripture readings in this one. Ps 29, Rev 3:20, Mt 4:4.
  • Breathe - Kathryn Scott [Bb] - First, I love the original version of this song with Kathryn Scott. Second, this song and Draw Me Close are great reminders of how people love to sing songs they know and love.
  • Draw Me Close - The Katinas [Bb]
  • Offering - What Do I Know Of Holy - Addison Road [C] - Bren led this one with Philip on acoustic, Linda on piano, and Martin on harmonica.
  • Response - Draw Me Close (reprise)
Read set lists from other churches at

Read Pastor Neil Tomba's blog.

Were you at the service? I would love to hear your comments or questions. What songs did you like and why? What songs do you not like and why? What songs would you like to sing this month/year?


  1. Great setlist Travis. I've always done Hosanna in E, but bumped it down to D in a midweek service last week, and was surprised how much more I could get out of it vocally there (actually I only did it because I was on keys temporarily, can't play in E, and didn't get to the "transpose" button fast enough!).

    Also, I really love Draw Me Close, one of my all time favorites. Thanks for sharing your post.

  2. Sunday was awesome. I wouldn't say it was just because a certain song was really good, or the sermon was really good. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit SO strongly - and the people (including me) were slower to get up and leave after the service. Everything was good.

  3. Marcelo Brasil on Sound. Ben Quine on graphics. Simon Luna as Assistant Sound Engineer.