Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday Setlist :: 1-3-10

What a joy and privilege it was to be leading worship to kick off the New Year. We drove home Saturday from a brief trip to Little Rock, AR where we spent New Year's with friends. I was excited to be part of launching our new series :: Read. Listen. Respond. Join us as we read through the New Testament this year. The readings will be posted on the blog, and you can sign up there to get a daily email.

I led worship in the 2nd and 3rd services yesterday (and also did the offering song in the 1st service).

2nd-3rd service team: Aaron on drums, David (Aaron's brother-in-law - Thanks Dave!) on bass, Mitch on electric guitar, Cris on B3, Seth on piano, Danielle and Marcy and vox, Travis on acoustic guitar and vox.

Setlist (song titles link to iTunes):
  • Glory to God Forever - Fee [Bb] - We introduced this song, and I'm looking forward to kicking off the next couple weeks with it as well. I've been itching to do this song since I first played on it in November at a God of the City event at Bent Tree Bible. It's a simple song that get's right to it. This line says it all, "Take my life and let it be all for You and for Your glory."
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart - Paul Baloche [E] - A classic song which helps us voice an important prayer - "Open the eyes of my heart Lord. I want to see You."
  • Revelation Song - Gateway Worship or Philips, Craig & Dean [E]
  • Communion Bread Song - In Christ Alone with The Solid Rock - Northwest arrangement [D-E] - Marcy led us on this one.
  • Communion Cup Song - Lead Me To The Cross - Hillsong [D] - Danielle led us on this one.
  • Offering Song - Ancient Words - Michael W. Smith [E] - I led this by myself from the piano. Confession - This song is perfect for the topic, but it's hard for me to get excited to do a full band version. The recorded versions all sound like bad imitations of the Titanic soundtrack. James Cameron has a new movie now. Will the next wave of worship songs sound like the Avatar soundtrack? Goodbye Celine Dion. Hello Leona Lewis.
Read set lists from other churches at

Pastor Neil Tomba blogs about the service here.

Were you at the service? I would love to hear your comments or questions. What songs did you like and why? What songs do you not like and why? What songs would you like to sing this month/year?


  1. I love "Glory to God Forever." We're working on introducing it ourselves soon.

  2. Have you heard of Phil Wickham? He has some awesome worship songs. I can send you an album of his that he put out for free if you'd be interested. Thanks so much for all you do! Worship at Northwest is always a blessing.

  3. Bekah - I really like Phil Wickham's stuff. Haven't figured out which songs I want to work in yet. And, yeah, I got the free download album. How cool is that?!

    What are your favorite Phil Wickham songs you think we can use in worship?

  4. Free music is always great! :) The church I came from back in Ohio used to sing several... we sang Cannons, Divine Romance, Beautiful, Because of Your Love, and True Love. I like Cannons, Beautiful, and Because of Your Love the best. I love singing to God that He's beautiful because it refocuses my thoughts on what true beauty really is. If we get to work one in at some point, that'd be neat!
    I liked the new song y'all did this past week by Fee, too!

  5. i think it would be great if we did some uptempo stuff. to me, the key to corporate worship is involvement. some of the best moments in our services, is when the audience is singing a song with no music playing. it really is beautiful. in the same sense, clapping and rejoicing can be just as beautiful.