Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Setlist :: 12-27-09

Sometimes these Sunday Setlists act as "Worship Confessionals." Today that feels appropriate.

The "Sunday after" ... Christmas, Easter, or any big event ... can often feel like a letdown. I didn't want it to. But for me it did.

I was tired from the previous week even though I got a good night's sleep the night before. We didn't have a mid-week rehearsal, so I intentionally designed a set I thought we could pull off without one. Overall everyone did fine. But we went without an electric guitar, and the music felt a little empty to me.

I also led worship in all three services which presented it's own challenges. I had to be onstage at 8:30 to lead the first service. I was back in the choir room at 8:45 to run through the second and third service songs, but I had to be in the wings at 9:15 to wait for the cue to end the first service. By 12:30 I was ready to go home and crash. Thankfully I did.

1st service team: Linda on piano, Travis on vox and acoustic guitar.

  • All Hail The Power of Jesus Name [F]
  • Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee [F]
  • I Stand Amazed In The Presence [F]
  • Offering song: This Is Our God [F]
  • Response song: Carried To The Table [Bb]

2nd-3rd service team: Aaron on drums, Mitch on bass, Cris on keys, Linda on piano, Danielle and vox, Travis on acoustic guitar and vox.


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Pastor Neil Tomba blogs about the service here.

Were you at the service? I would love to hear your comments or questions.

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